Terra Nova Television was incorporated by Steve and Ellen Eder in 1990. Based in the Hudson Valley, we have produced a wide range of documentaries with an emphasis on nature, science, technology and history topics. We have created original, award-winning specials and series for Discovery Channel, Discovery Health Channel, National Geographic Channel, Turner Broadcasting and many other international venues.

Structured as a boutique production company we take on a limited number of projects per year.  This allows us to keep our creative focus sharp, our production values high and communications with our clients close.  We tailor our creative teams to match the topic and draw from a proven pool of filmmakers from the U.S. and around the world.  

Terra Nova Television also works with other production companies to assist in the completion of their projects both here and abroad.  Our services include production scheduling, budgeting, logistics, field production, editorial supervision and scripting.  We also work with networks to restructure and revision existing programming.